Friday, January 7, 2011

Photograph of Dad and me in Martha's Vineyard -1955

Vacation time from Silly Putty was always the first week (or first two weeks) of July. We always went North (to Bar Harbor; Nova Scotia,; Putney, Vermont, New Hampshire; or the Cape). We only experienced racial discrimination on one occasion that I can remember and that was at a motel near the Bourne Bridge (going over to the Cape). My father had obtained a room but when the staff saw my mother they said they had made a mistake and that there were no vacancies. My father was steaming (but not in such a way that anyone else other than the family would have known) and I can remember him talking about the fact that his money was the same color as everyone else's money -- green. What made this event so strange is that my mother was from New Bedford which was not too far away from this motel. On this vacation, in 1955, we were at Oaks Bluff, Martha's Vineyard. Photo of William "Bill" Henry Haynes and Carol Haynes.