Saturday, January 1, 2011


There are others who know some of the early Silly Putty history. One such person is Willie Ruff, the esteemed Yale music professor. In a telephone conversation with Mr. Ruff on January 3, 2011 he indicated that he wrote about Silly Putty in his autobiography "A CALL TO ASSEMBLY". I immediately ordered two copies of his book from Amazon and cannot wait to read them. Mr. Ruff indicated that he met my dad through Silly Putty. Mr. Ruff met Peter when he was a Yale student and he became a very close friend of Pete.

Another person who, obviously, would know a great deal about Silly Putty is Peter Hodgson, Jr. , the son of Peter, Sr. Others are Peter's daughters. Also, my aunts and one surviving uncle (Oscar Ralls) who were intimately tied to Ruth Fallgatter and the Block Shop, and, of course, who were in weekly if not daily contact with my father.

I'm sure there are many "seasonal" workers who are still living as well.