Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For a first hand account of the early years of Silly Putty by a person who was an adult at the time, who worked there part time while he was a Yale student, who was the music director of Silly Putty, and who was a close personal friend of Peter Hodgson, Sr. read:

A CALL TO ASSEMBLY by Willie Ruff.

Willie Ruff is an esteemed Professor of Music at Yale University.

Mr. Ruff was present during the early days of Silly Putty, he was close to Pete Hodgson, and he knew my father and Macgregor Kilpatrick.

Peter Hodgson, Jr. advised me that Willie Ruff was the person to talk to about the early history of Silly Putty.

Willie Ruff's wife, Emma Ruff, was one of our teachers at Hillhouse High School, New Haven. She was in the English Department.