Saturday, January 1, 2011

Margaret Weaver Hodgson

Peter Calvert Leary Hodgson Sr.'s obituary indicates that his second wife was Margaret Weaver Hodgson. The three kids are Peter Jr., Margaret (Mollie), and Nancy. The obit indicates that Pete was born in Montreal on August 15, 1912.

I had the opportunity to meet with Peter, Jr. some years ago (before Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans). It was the first time that I had seen him since I was a child. I had searched for him for the longest and then finally just picked up the phone (after the 50th anniversary of SP) and called a Hodgson in California and I found him - living in the same town that I was living in. It was great to see him again and to hear from him how he viewed my dad.

Mac had told me that there was no real "archives" of Silly Putty records. He would have known this as he, most likely, would have been the last to have any SP records.

Margaret greatly impacted my life. I believe she had gone to Vassar or was on their board of directors around 1965 (I will have to research that). I remember her wanting me to consider Vassar. I, frankly, wasn't Vassar material but I'm glad she thought I was. For a time someone from Silly Putty must have also influenced my father to send me to Putney School in Vermont instead of Troup Junior High School (a solidly working class school ). Even at the age of 12 I knew that, culturally, Putney School would not be a good deal for me. I rebelled and, fortunately, they didn't make me go.

Pete and Margaret had cocker spaniels (usually two - black, I believe) and, of course, I too have always had cocker spaniels. Funny how people who you look up to (revere even) can affect your later choices in life.

Margaret was a great lady from my point of view. I still have, and cherish, many of the wonderful gifts that they gave to me as a child, my favorite, a scarab bracelet.

(I have not been able to ascertain when or where Margaret died but she may be the Margaret E. Hodgson who was born 2/9/1913 and who died in Tolland, Ct. on 2/22/1999)