Saturday, January 1, 2011


Anyone associated with Silly Putty would have known my dad as "Bill Haynes".

In Wikipedia I referred to him as William "Bill" Haynes. However, his proper name was William Henry Haynes.

The envelope shown below has a P.O. Box. The physical address of the downtown New Haven office was 424 Temple Street.

I found another article "Silly Putty: Success Molded from an Ounce of Bounce" by Bill Ryan. However, there is no date. It appears to be a Hartford newspaper. Therein the author states that: "Peter Hodgson was sitting at his modern desk in the Victorian building out of which he operates on Temple Street". The author says that Pete wanted to talk about the Vietnam war, race relations, and how he couldn't understand the Beatles and didn't really want to dwell on Silly Putty because "there are a lot more important things in this world than Silly Putty". He continues "What Hodgson is ... is a most curious substance in the business world ... He's a guy with a beard who careens around New Haven in an 11 year old Volkswagon and who lives in a mansion-type home in Madison, is a Democrat in a most Republican of towns, and who knows he made a lot of silly money on a most improbable gamble and is glad that he did but isn't unduly affected by it. It just happened to be the way the Silly Putty bounced". The author says that Pete was 38 in 1950. My father was 24 in 1950. Like my dad, Pete had been a sailor. The author says " ... in 1950 he had run out of careers, and also out of money (and he was) ... stone broke". The article says that Pete, "with the help of some part-time Yalies started to put an ounce in some plastic eggs". He says "the Connecticut plant is in North Branford". He describes the office building on Temple as "sort of an Addams Family setting" (with cauldrons bubbling). I can only remember going to Temple Street once, where we met up with Pete, and then went to lunch - possibly at Hungry Charleys (if it was there at the time).