Saturday, April 1, 2017

Memories from Mac's daughters. (1)

On 7/2/2015 Jane wrote (in part):
"I ... remember Peter bringing a huge bag of pink stuff and plunking it down in the middle of our kitchen floor (in Branford) and saying something like "Now what'll I do with it".  And I do remember our mother (Ruthie)  having words with him later about the permanent attachment of the pink stuff to her sofa, she was not happy.  (I think that when your grandmother wasn't feeding Peter my mother was).  I also remember having to give a deposition (much later -maybe mid 60's) regarding some other toy company trying to copyright the "copying" quality of their putty".
She continued by describing my dad (William H. Haynes):
"he was so handsome and so serene.  I remember how much my father respected him and enjoyed his company'.
"Polly was a model for one of (the Block Shop's) catalogs -- or it might have been Suzy".