Friday, December 31, 2010

4. Macgregor "Mac" Kilpatrick

Sometime thereafter, Macgregor "Mac" Kilpatrick had recently graduated from Yale's Law School. He was taking (or had just taken) the bar examination and he needed some income. He placed a clever ad in the New Haven Register and Peter responded to the ad and called "Mac" into his "office" for an interview. At the office Mac met Pete and my dad. He was hired and he began to travel around the country to sell the product. Over the years, Mac and my dad became very close friends. When I interviewed Mac on March 26, 1997, he told me that my dad was his "best friend for many years". Macgregor Kilpatrick died five months after I interviewed him.
I will always think of Pete, Mac, and Dad like a three legged stool. I can't imagine how the business would have operated without the three of them each doing their separate part.

For a photo of Macgregor Kilpatrick see This article indicates that Mac was inducted into the American Hockey League's Hall of Fame in 2010. The AHL page states that "After the war, Kilpatrick earned a degree from Yale Law School and settled in the New Haven, Connecticut area forming his own law firm and becoming a probate judge. His entrepreneurism and marketing savvy got him involved in the promotion of a new product called Silly Putty, now an American classic toy". The article continues that he was the "owner of an American Hockey League franchise in New Haven that would begin play in 1972 ... the New Haven Nighthawks". The American Hockey League created the Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy in 1997". Mac died in 1997 (in South Carolina) at age 81.
Another page on the internet reveals that Mac was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1939. This page states that Mac was the "Vice President and General Manager of Silly Putty Co., of which he was co-founder and develper".

So Pete, Mac, and Dad were all Navy men.


Mac's photo appears in the U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis Yearbook ("Lucky Bag Yearbook").
The Social Security Death Index indicates that he was born on 7/30/1916 and died on 8/30/1977 at Hilton Head, South Carolina.